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>> greg: you have an elevator in your bedroom. >> kimberly: he is here all week. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. you may have heard. he has a new book out called "the joy of hate." i am contractually obligated to show it anyway. i have to sopa signing things. let's go to jedediah bila for a pre game president are. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story, the fbi surveillance prowess, should you be worried about what is stored on your personal computer 1234* yes, bill schulz, you should be. and barack obama rebukes republican senators for their rights. but did our president point the finger at himself?
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and finally do men have standards when it comes to hitting on hot women? we discovered illiteracy and just plain weirdness sometimes aren't enough to deter men on a mission. >> thanks, jedediah. let's welcome our guests. i am here with fox news network reporter sandra smith. imus in the morning executive producer so he claims. i have never seen him do anything. bill schulz, do you think he just broke up with justin bieber? and sitting next to me is penn jaw let. he hosts a pod cast called penn sunday school that you can find at pep sunday and if that is thought enough, which i think it is not, his book came out to compete with greg. >> were the e-mails flirty or
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just friendly? our national security hangs in the balance. he is on hold as investigators pour over the 20,000 documents and hundreds of messages that equaled to an inappropriate communication with tampa socialite jill kelley. allen, the top nato commander in afghanistan, quote, used terms of endearment, but not in a flirtatious way. as one official notes, if you know allen, and who doesn't, he is the kind of guy who will respond to every e-mail he gets, rut best. you are a sweetheart. that kind of thing. it was the equivalent of phone sex over e-mail which would be e-mail sex. he intends to cooperate and is as excited about it as this dog. >> come on, rico. let's go for a walk. do you want to go for a walk?
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>> we have to stop. >> he is full blown obsessed. >> we will have to bleep sweetheart and deer. what do you think, innocent, friendly e-mails? if they weren't overly flirtatious, what he was doing -- he was softening her up. he was feeling her out, so to speak. he can make the transition into flirtation when he gets back to the air force base he can maybe polish his bazooka or whatever it was he was looking for. if you spend that much time with a woman back at the air
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force base in afghanistan you have an ulterior motive. >> by the way, i don't think i heard the term bazooka. >> let me ask you this, the executive direct of the -- director of the aclu says there should not be an investigation of general petraeus and general allen, but wants them to look into their private lives. >> yes, of course. yes. i think the only thing that changed here is electronics. i think it was thouing else. there -- i think there was nothing else. sex was going on with virtually everybody. they are having sex all the time with everybody. now we have electronics to help us. now it leads an electronic trail. it is horrible we have them not digging into this stuff. it is just not a big deal. >> you are talking about the infidelity. you are not talking about the compromising of national security that went on here.
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these are major generals. >> we are not just talking about their marriages that were ruined. we are talking talking about national security. >> exactly. but the thing is if we just didn't worry about that -- >> how about if they just didn't do it? >> oh come on. this isn't the 1950s. >> there is a point there. homosexuality is considered -- you are not allowed to be gay. now that we are more open about that you can't black mail someone for it. >> i don't think so. it should be a personal matter. >> a comme would say that, wouldn't they? >> how many people have been blackmailed in the past year at this counter?
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i went to the fbi and they had stolen a computer and they have a lot of compromising pictures. the fbi -- i went to the fbi and i said i would like this taken care of. is somebody black mailing me? they have asked for a lot of money from me. he said we kill keep this. twret -- keep this quiet from your wife. and i said you don't have to. she took the pictures. they said, we want to keep this from the press. i said i will probably be writing about it. they said what exactly are we trying to protect here? i said people shouldn't be black mailing. this isn't really damaging you, right? >> they shouldn't be doing it. they are asking for a lot of money for pictures of a fat guy naked. i probably could get $35 for on ebay. hundreds of thousands of
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dollars . >> donald trump can afford to black mail you. >> i didn't make any jokes here. it wasn't through a it was horrible and scary and terrible. if you are honest and straight forward with everybody, you have no problem there. >> the topic was invasion -- i was shocked that the e-mails are going to be subject to some sort of scrutiny at some point. if you are shocked by this, you can't go back to kansas is all i'm saying. i will say one thing if i can get it in, the head of the cia not being able to hide an affair is like the secretary of transportation not being able to find his car. >> have i heard that argument. i have heard that argument. he is using his g mail
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account. >> if this question is about whether or not the female are flish tashes and sexual in nation, you come on to me and i will tell you any guy can say if a guy is e-mailing you whether it was friendly or sexually flirtation you can tell. >> are you saying that when i e-mail you, sup girl you are taking that as flirting? i am just interesting as how your day is going. >> i know. but you are just like that guy. >> what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. shouldn't we say what happens with the cia stays in the cia. i am agreeing with you. >> i was agreeing with you. >> thank you.
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>> i don't know if it was a wrong tone of voice. >> if your e-mail ever became public could you even leave your your -- leave the reality again? >> this is why i have been successfully able to maintain no semblance of power. i don't have a problem with the gay mail or the affair. the only thing i have a problem with is in any one of the e-mails it said hey. that is no leader for this country. and hey is never good. >> we all know when we put something on the computer it goes out to people. when it happens to you, it is shocking. i have nothing secret and nothing to hide and i still vomited. it is horrible. it is the whole hard drive.
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>> you are all right when you say it can happen, but that is not a good thing. if you put something on facebook or twitter obviously you expect it to be in public. if you send a private e-mail it would be nice to have an -- a reasonable expectation that it is a private e-mail. >> if you want it to be private it has to be a private conversation. >> the problem with that is one, two, three cameras that are recording all of this. we can't have one conversation here that is private. >> whatever you e-mail at some point might take a longtime, but that's the new normal. the convenience of the initter net and all of that, you are going to lose privacy. if you don't want somebody to see it, don't put it in the e-mail. >>en script yourself at least. >> they can use that word.
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>> they are writing e-mails to each other and saving it in an e-mail or folder. >> they were never sending or receiving. >> they shared an e-mail account. >> if you watch "red eye" you would know. >> you know what it is like they are hurting something. >> so we had mike baker on and he is a special ops in the cia. he said that does nothing when you put it in the draft box. it doesn't keep the thing safe. how did baker spend his career looking in a mirror? how does he know that that the head does not? we don't have to go over this again, but if you are not actually sending the e-mail, if they are monitoring the e-mails you send they will see it. but it is still on your computer. from one scandal to another. he is forging ahead with his
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winds to the ledge. barack obama held his first post election press conference despite the fact that they are still counting votes in ohio. seems pretty presumptuous. he went after susan rice. some were trying to block her as secretary of state. >> senator mccain and graham and others want to go after to somebody, they should go after me. for them to go after the u.n ambassador who has nothing to do with ben gay you swree -- benghazi and was making a presentation based on information she had received, the smirk-sherm reputation is outrageous. >> phony outrage. mccain, graham and others do what they say is spreading the white house message and it was
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not terrorism. and mccain addressed obama's remarks saying he understood the president was not happy with him, but -- >> this president -- this administration has been guilty of caw loss sal incompetence or engaged in a cover up. >> meanwhile, earlier mccain was asked if there is a security threat that exceeded that of the libya attack. >> i say with great respect that is one of the dumbest questions i have ever heard. >> thank god he said it with great respect. >> you were saying in the green room mccain should move on and stop asking questions about libya. as far as they are concerned the administration has been honest up and front. i have to say that surprised me. >> i will stick to it right here. the truth of the matter is it was real schoolyard stuff.
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on the face of it it seems normal. that was the tone. he is protecting the woman, but it sounded condescending. it is like, why are you picking on a girl? he implied john mccain was a coward for physical picking on her when we know that john mccain is anything but a coward. obama is himself hiding behind the skirt of this woman at this time to deflect from the real tragedy and cover up what happened in benghazi. >> seriously strong words for mccain. to say he is incompetent or a cover up, that's amazing. and why can't it be both? >> i cooperate say it better, but if you look at it, is he saying she was a puppet and she was put on television all day every day over the course
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of the weekend after this attack just for the talking points? that's what we are lead to believe at this point. should she continue in a lull? should she be so privileged to hold that role? >> to put her as the secretary of state -- by the way, how do you think john carrie feels? he is so controversy they still don't pick him. >> he said ambassador rice when she went on these shows she gave basically her understanding of the talent. she said what the intelligence community has been telling them. is that fair and should she be blamed if she was saying what the cia was saying? >> i think i am inclined to agree with what is being said here. when she said why aren't they going after me, i think they are going to. i think it was a really,
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really big deal. also it is a big deal that they kind of did the -- it is this holdy thing that came out first. on top of everything else it is a horrible idea. we need to protect people who have freedom of speech. the fact that they turned around and instead of saying we will say what we want in this country said it was this disgusting -- >> it is sticking up for our rights. >> they did that over and over and over again. and there was this kind of -- he was the canary in the coal mine. we didn't stand behind him or the cartoonist. i don't care of the quality of the movie at all. they shouldn't have blamed it on that. when it happened it happened on 9/11. >> bill, i want to get the last word from you. they are counting votes in
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ohio. how can he go around calling himself president and saying he was re-elected. >> i agree with the table. how dare they bring this woman, rice, into the position of secretary of state when she has proven to be incompetent. we are talking about condoleezza, right? >> nicely done. >> way off the mark. >> the weird thing is before the show you said ambassador rice should not be secretary of state not because of this, but because she was a woman. >> ding, ding, ding, thank you. >> i was under the impression that when we were in the green room it was a private conversation. joy maybe when greg host -- >> maybe when greg hosts. not when i host. >> coming up, how do you know if it is real? you are throwing blood on it.
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first -- spoiler alert, nobody. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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would her flaws give guys pause? it was an experiment to see how low dudes would go to meet a cute girl. they created a fake cupid account to attract a friend and made tara ice age 4 seem dumb and horrible. in her self-summary she writes "i love dancing, but feel it was ruined by black expses now asians -- blacks and now
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asians." she said her mommy drives her everywhere due to the fact she lost her license because, quote, long story short, i hit a man, lmao. he is okay i hope. within six hours it was viewed over 400 times and 39fellas messaged her. she lead the losers on by terminating a pregnancy and hooking up with her cousin. but it didn't bother her admirers. take it away pick pretending be -- pig pretending to be a cow. >> that's sexy. >> i tried to go on a date with that. >> an draw. >> how was your date with the gal? >> how disgusted are you by all men other than me right now? >> this doesn't surprise me at all. we couldn't obviously show an
12:23 am
image. did we show an image? it was a made up image? >> no. >> so we are supposing she is beautiful and stun ?g. >> she is cute. >> it proves all theories and it doesn't matter. as long as they are good looking. and these dating websites, aren't they hookup sites anyway? >> why are you looking at me for. i don't know. >> i used to be the utmost authority. a lot is arpged hookups. -- arranged hookups. if she is attractive they can get overall of these problems. >> clearly. >> only 39 of them out of 4,000, right? >> 400 i think. >> so it is not an enormous percentage. it is just 10%. >> this guy rob went out of his way -- i mean he made her as dumb and offensive as possible. every other word was misspelled. she said racist things. >> it was paris hilton. would you hit paris hilton?
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of course you would. if it has a nice booty you are going after it. that's the way guys are. >> i'm sorry to say i have a 17-year-old daughter and it is a terrible state of the way things are, but it is true. >> the way things always have been and always will be, and that is why we are here as a species. the 10% seems really low to me. i am on the other side. i think 39 out of 400 is a low, low number. i think the news on this. >> they singled out a certain breed of men that are this website looking at this gal's profile which is obviously alarming and went as far as to e-mail. you already lowered the bar very much as far as a guy that is on there and looking for this type of girl. >> there is nothing wrong.
12:25 am
why isn't it okay to go on a site? >> she said she killed somebody. >> but she is cute. you said you lowered it by going on this site. >> no. i said you already -- you have already i guess made it out a certain type of man. i don't know any men who go on the websites. i am not judging them. it wasn't a hookup at a bar. >> lowering the bar wasn't judging. >> i need to this conversation. >> she is right though. according to my friends -- there is like is america's sweetheart of dating sites. and okay cupid is the full on -- that's like a big hookup one. and having said that one of the packages she had when she started negotiating money
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because she wanted to buy $45 jeans. >> it was money for sex too. >> the guy responded that he would take her out to practice before her mommy came out to pick her up the next morning. no lie. followed it up with the emoticon smiley face. >> bill makes a good p oi nt. it is what his friends tell them, there are many class tau locations of on-line dating. >> and they are all okay. >> go to the entire thing is amazing. and full disclosure and several years ago we spent a love reweekend in san tropez. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and do you have video of your animal doing something? that's nice. go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use it. still ahead, the half time report from jedediah bila. tonight is sponsored by ears.
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the sensory organs used for equalibrium and large objects. thanks, ears.
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let's see if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to jedediah beale law. >> have i to start with bernie. bernie, you us ad the term
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softening her up and feeling her out when talking about the allen e-mails. >> metaphor rickly. >> i know i sensed something else may be going there. >> general allen, he spent all of that -- an inorder nent amount of time having a conversation with a housewife in tampa. i don't know. either he is a big time yenta or he is a horn dog. i am going with the horn dog. that's what i am saying. >> good point. bill, i have to say, you point out that you don't have a problem with the affair, bill. and i honestly don't really have a problem with the affair except for the fact that this could have been an affair with a loon gnaw particular in which case it would have completely compromised our national security. that's something to worry about, right? >> that is something to worry about. i am more worried about the fbi guy with the shirtless picture. that takes a certain type of dude. >> i have heard some rumors about you, bill, so i don't know if you want to go there. >> you know i don't know how
12:32 am
to use the camera option on my phone. >> when you say worried about the shirtless guy you say interested in hearing about it? >> not an english major. jay -- >> sandra. you say something simple which is why can't they just not do it when it comes to the affairs. i want to point out that is way too much common sense for politics. never do that again. >> thank you, jedediah. >> there is no room for common sense in politics or male thought processes. >> or on this show. >> noted. >> or on this show. penn -- >> oh no, i am sorry. i am really, really sorry, but i was out of line and i knew i was wrong when i said it. please forgive me. just don't mention it. there will be a written apology tomorrow. i am so, so sorry. >> listen, you have to let me say what i want to say. you say it is horrible that we have them digging into this stuff, into these e-mails and into these files and whatnot.
12:33 am
i just want to point out though that ms. kelly granted fbi access to her computer. doesn't it make it different than if the fbi was going and taking over one of our computers for example without permission? >> i wish i were dead. isms -- i'm sorry you are so right and i am so wrong. >> i just want to point out you are my taif rete guest for what you just -- my favorite guest for what you just did right now. >> i am very sorry. of course that changes everything and i was a fool. >> i agree. bernie, you say -- we are talking about obama lashing out at the gop senators. and you say that obama is hiding behind the skirt of this woman. i agree that he did that for a really longtime, but now isn't he saying come to me and take up your issues with me and now he will have to answer questions as a result? >> no, he is sort of -- he is sort of flipping the issues. he is confusing the issue.
12:34 am
he is trying to say, oh, are you picking on this chick? it is con do sending. why don't you come after me? it is deflect frght real issue. in a way that is hiding behind the skirt once again and making that the issue. how dare you pick on this woman. come to me, yo. i think that is -- >> yo. >> he is spot on. >> and penn, on the same point, penn, you say that obama is basically saying why didn't they go after me? you say i think they are going after obama. i just want them to say the idea of them going after obama, that doesn't make me happy at all. i have to do my background, but i am a big fan of holding barack obama accountable. >> and impeaching him. >> i was going to ask, do you think he will end up being impeached over this? >> of course. >> and it is -- and if not, he should be. that goes without saying. >> agree to agree.
12:35 am
>> and sandra, you make an interesting point about susan rice as well. you say should she continue in this role basically if she was being a puppet or a parrot that was parroting talking points, but in reality, wasn't that what hillary clinton was doing as well? >> that i will leave up to one's opinion. but at the end of the day, i think if somebody is going to hold a position of power they should have authority. she should have the authority and be able to decide for herself what information she is putting across the air waves. that influences society. that influences our country. she might as well be a spokesperson for the white house. >> spokes model is the term they prefer. >> jedediah, can i bring something up? >> sure. >> i wouldn't call her a spokes model. >> i didn't say that. >> i know. >> our voices are very similar.
12:36 am
>> i was having -- he was the general. >> i was going to sarks to a certain extent, i don't know that you can blame ambassador rice. she was clearly sent out on these shows to deliver these points as a member of the administration. it was as a spokesperson. >> i tend to agree with you on that. in a sense i think you have to hold who ever told her to do that. i agree with barack obama on this, and that is the last time you will ever hear me say that, by the way, but he needs to be held accountable and i think secretary of state hillary clinton who is siping wine needs to be held accountable. >> everybody was questioning why this attack happened over that movie. she should have questioned that as well. >> she should have. >> what i am worry about is maybe she did and maybe secretary of state clinton came out and told her. she is basically a mouth piece for other people.
12:37 am
even if she did qi that if she -- maybe she could convey the message anyway. >> is andy held accountable for anything on this show? >> no. >> are you just a mouth piece? >> yes. >> it is a very good analogy. >> i want to get over to the cupid stuff. that was awfully fun. and bill, i want to say that in the break, i looked up your cupid account and i just want to say thank you for spelling everything correctly. everything is really sharp on there. >> i always maintain that sure i am racist, but i will spell correctly. >> and penn, you also point out, why sbt it okay to go -- why isn't it okay to go on the site and hookup. i say it is okay, but don't you think we should have some standards other than appearance, men, women? maybe somebody can read? i don't know. >> i mean this seriously. you may have had people who actually were racist and couldn't spell themselves. >> those people can also fall
12:38 am
in love. >> are you trying to say that the american electorat that just voted in barack obama is flawed? >> i am saying that maybe 39 people fell in love with somebody because of their picture, and because they -- i mean i really just want to stick up with losers who want to fall in love. >> thank you. >> you know what would settle both of these issues with the generals and the dating sites? legalize prostitution. all of these problems and it is legal in nevada, make it legal in afghanistan. a good soldier -- >> women are dye willing for prostitution to be legal, ya. >> i got your back on that. >> because we are here to make your life easy. >> who said women? prostitution is both men and women. >> exactly right. >> that's true. >> trust me. >> there is a lot of gay
12:39 am
prostitution. >> and so many of those women were prostitutes because they have chosen that path in life, right? >> a lot of them have. >> do you see what i am talking about getting rowdy? are you duking it out. >> penn, with all due respect i think there were girls forced into prostitution. >> absolutely. that's why. >> i am turning it back over to you, andy. you can deal with that rowdy crowd. >> nothing i say matters. >> when we return, what question from a reporter ticked off nancy pelosi. we report and you take the report every's -- the reporter's side.
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why is there always one girl? >> i don't know. there is two of you by the way. >> i saw that coming. >> should he be enraged that he asked about her age? she announced her decision to stay on as house minority leader, yay. and a question from luke russert drew her ire.
12:43 am
>> colleague and privately say you are going to stay on and the party having a younger leadership and would hurt the party in the long-term. >> discrimination. >> next. next. >> you always ask that question, except to mitch mcconnell. >> you, mr. foyer and all of you it is needed for younger leadership. >> so you are suggesting everybody step aside? >> no, the need are for younger leadership. >> i think you will see, and let's for a moment honor it as a legitimate question, although it is quite offensive , but you don't realize it i
12:44 am
guess. >> anyway, this went on for another three hours before she finally answered no. i don't even remember what the question was. russert defended the question saying while pelosi laughed off fie cues, many say it hurts the caucus that all three leaders are 70 plus. the longer the top three stay the longer it takes to infuse with mu glued like the gop -- new blood like the gop did. as a 74-year-old woman, what is your take on this? >> i think it was an inappropriate question. i don't think any woman wants to talk about her age, nor do men really for that matter. young or old. especially in a position of power and leadership and the head of a major political party. so i think his question was valid. women at home may be like, why is she saying that? the question was valid because in all roles in life we do need to bring up younger
12:45 am
leadership. and there are age restrictions on the president of the united states on the lower end so age is discussed. i don't think luke russert was out there with such a question. i don't think she should have reasonably answered it. >> we hear that republicans need to stop reaching out and stop the younger candidates. why is it offensive to ask this? >> i think it was so offensive that if you look back nobody asked john mccain that question. therefore it has to be offensive. nobody ever made jokes about john mccain's age. it has to be. greg gutfeld wrote a great book about phony outrage. it is called "joy of hate." and this is a perfect example. >> one book. >> we willed dit this out -- we will edit this out, don't worry jie. what does gender have to do with it? >> shouldn't this young whippersnapper get off pelosi's lawn? >> i think it is an age question. i don't think they threw
12:46 am
gender out there. >> you said woman. >> i said pep, man or woman. >> she did later. >> the gender thing is creepy. >> you want to be out there. it is hard ball. you want to be -- you have to take the tough questions, and you can't whine. 2* sounds like whining. >> i agree. >> it is different. what luke asked is a valid question. but when it comes to older men and older women there is a difference. luke may not have known that. his sister leah knows that. the thing l leah she doesn't know she is related, and she kissed him. >> russert mentioned men as well. he basically said your entire leadership is over 70, men and women. >> as a woman, as a man, anyone should have respectively answered that question. it would have set her apart from other women who are sensitive to that question. >> as always, sandra, your answer was perfect.
12:47 am
>> my heart goes out to leah's home planet. >> time for a break. when we return, a performance from the musical guest. and he will answer a few questions about his book and see how the next season of celebrity apprentice is going.
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let's do a quick segment on it. it is buried at the end of the show. every day is an aethiest holiday came out on tuesday. while we are plugging penn. he is the star of "allstar celebrity apprentice" that airs in march on nbc. >> i am not at liberty to discuss. >> i know you can't say if you won. can you tell us if you didn't lose? >> i have no knowledge of that mission. if i did i am not at liberty to discuss it. >> i will tell you i am this close to donald trump's hair and it is not a hairpiece. it is his real hair jie. crazy -- crazy? >> you know, a felonious monk said the genius is the one who is most like himself. and donald trump is certainly like himself. i just think -- i spent a lot of time around him which is not saying how well i did on
12:52 am
the show or didn't do on the show, but i grew to have a certain affection and a certain respect for him. >> you had gary busey and dennis rodman on the cast. did you at any point want to strangle either one of them? >> no, i did not. if donald trump is ed sullivan, gary busey is the beatles. in 20 years if anyone talks about "celebrity apprentice" all they will talk about is gary busey. i loved him. he is in the boardroom and he dances beneath the diamond sky with one happened waiving free. -- dash one hand waiving free. >> of course he does. >> he is a wonderful, beautiful man with no filters and then have you scrooge mcduck, donald trump, talking to him and two people with no filters saying anything that pops into their heads. to me that is beautiful. >> makes sense. let's talk about the book. >> good thinking. >> why is every day an atheist holiday? >> i just wanted to point out
12:53 am
for atheists there is a joy of being alive. you have won h amazing lottery. the chances of anyone being here is so overwhelmingly improbable, and now we have this glorious life with love and beauty. we should enjoy that every day and not talk about suffering and a life that comes later, but really enjoy our live now. -- life now. >> a lot of people think atheists are obnoxious jerks. >> many of us are. >> can this book help change that image? >> i don't know about that. one of the things is people talk about atheists being arrogant. i guess it is arrogant to not think there is an omni present, omnipitant being that cares about your master because. i guess that is arrogant to think the whole universe does not revolve around every thought you have. i think the universe doesn't care. >> i don't think it is so much what atheists believe, but it is how they go about believing
12:54 am
it. >> the simple answer to all questions asked to an atheist is i don't know. i simply don't know. and not knowing leads to not believing. i don't know and i don't think anyone else does either. not the pope. >> i know you discuss a bunch of holidays that nonatheists celebrate like halloween and thanksgiving. >> well, thanksgiving is glut knee and that is a-okay for me. >> i hear you have a special way of celebrating thanksgiving? >> i happen to have a friend who wanted to do a joke with my girlfriend at the time. so found out when she was getting up to prepare the tour committee. turkey. got up five minutes before and just happened to be having sex with the turkey when she walked in. >> gobble, go tab ble. >> at first she thought it was real, and then she thought he
12:55 am
was pretending. and then she thought he was pretending to be i had cking. he was slapping the turkey and saying come on baby, you can take all of me. >> i will pass on the stuffing. >> if you are -- >> he was the stuffing. >> if you are not willing to have sex with it, i won't eat it. >> all right. penn gillette's new book is called "every day is a holiday." it is available now. we will close things up with jedediah bila.
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you can watch greg on imus in the morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. and he will be on "the o'reilly factor" to support that book of his. and make sure to catch greg when he hosts "the o'reilly factor" on friday. and a new "red eye" returns
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tomorrow. >> and now back to jedediah bila. >> what is going on? >> all kinds of stuff. you can watch my segment called "the trade." actionable trading ideas. if you are sitting at home or at work, tune in. fox business network. greg will be on in the morning. it is a great, great place to turn your tv on. >> excellent. bernie, how are things at imus in the morning. >> things are fantastic. greg will be on as you just heard. >> causing trouble. >> i have a paperback version of my book. it is my days as a male prostitute. there is a bonus chapter of how i blew the entire amount of money i made during those days. so check it out., baby. >> excellent. i will be sure to check that out. back to you, andy. >> thanks, jed

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